The future of care: A young person's vision

Monday 16 May 2022
Young teen girl in her bedroom writing in a diary while sitting on her bed

As the Care Review releases its final report, we want to make sure that the opinions and experiences of children in care shape changes to the system

In March 2021, the government set up a team of experts to look at the problems facing children in care. This team is called the ‘Independent Review of Children's Social Care’. But most people just call it the ‘Care Review’.

It is quite rare that the government does a big review of the care system. In the past, it has only happened once every ten or twenty years. So, it is very important that today’s children and young people in care have their say.

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By the time the next review happens, most of the children in care today will be grown up.

Since July 2021, we have been listening to children and young people talk about their experiences of growing up in care.

This is what young people said.

  1. We need to support children in care through big life changes
  2. We need to listen better and act on what children in care want
  3. We need to help children in care stay in touch with the people that are important to them
  4. We need to help children in care have fun and achieve their goals

We also spoke to young people in care that arrived in the UK without friends or family to look after them. These young people told us they face extra challenges in communicating and face a lack of support as they turn 18 and must apply to stay in the UK.