Meet our Young Ambassadors

We're so excited to introduce the 2023 – 2025 board of Young Ambassadors!

We’ve successfully recruited an amazing group of young people aged 13-25 from across the UK to our Young Ambassadors Board. They play an integral role in representing Action for Children and amplifying the wider views of the young people we support.

The Board enables us to hear directly from children and young people about the issues that matter most to them, which in turn helps to inform, shape and influence our work. You will hear more about what they have been getting up to in the coming months.

The Young Ambassadors Board is split into two age groups: 13-16 and 17-25, who meet on the last Monday of each month and the following Saturday for a recap session (otherwise known as Chatter that Matters).

Introducing our Young Ambassadors Board Members

Group 1: ages 13 - 16


Adam (England)

Being a Young Ambassador will provide valuable experience for my future; as I am interested in mental health. Some past experiences of my own has shown me the importance of being a loyal friend and this ambassador programme will provide me with an opportunity to encourage people to be kind to each other and themselves.


Mithraya (England)

I am very passionate about helping children, as I would like to pursue a career in Paediatrics. I am also a member of my borough’s youth council so through becoming an Action for Children Ambassador, I am hoping on gaining a deeper insight into issues children face in the UK today and instigating change.


Rebecca (Scotland)

I wanted to be a young ambassador for Action for Children because I have used different services with them. When I was asked if I wanted to be a young ambassador, I thought it was a tremendous opportunity for me to learn more about all the different aspects of children's needs, because when I’m older, I want to work in childcare and I feel like this will help with my future job.

Chan, young ambassador

Chan (England)

I choose to be an Action for Children Young Ambassador because I am passionate about all types of injustice. My lived experience of children who are affected by different circumstances makes me want to speak up. I like the idea of action for children by children. I want all children to have the childhoods they have a right to and they deserve. I will encourage the adults to listen to us children and to learn from our stories.

Group 2: ages 17 - 25

Troy Young Ambassador

Troy (England)

I am Troy and I am a young ambassador. I am inspired to make a difference in children and young people, to have a voice and to be heard. I am experienced in youth voice groups and hope to bring my knowledge to the table. I also hope to work with amazing young people and staff to do opportunities which empower other young people to never give up and encourage them to be a star. Every young person is born to stand out and to tell their lived experience as it is important for it to be heard and to make a change.

Anah Young Ambassador

Anah (England)

My name is Anah, I’m 18 years old and originally from Sri Lanka. Being able to look at young kids smile has always brought so much light and happiness into my life. Therefore, being able to be a reason for that smile would mean the world and more to me. This role of being a young ambassodor for Action for children will give me that chance and allow me to help young children by sharing my own experiences as well as voice my opinion on what matters. I’ve always wanted to be a part of something that brings joy and ease to people's lives and I’m super grateful to have been given this opportunity.


Chloe (Scotland)

I wanted to become a Young Ambassador as I've always wanted to help young people and I feel as though this is a great opportunity to do so, I have also been lucky enough to do work experience with the Greenock Action for Children team and witness first-hand how much help they provide which made me want to help young people even more.


Bethany (Northern Ireland)

Action for Children has helped me greatly over the last few years so when the opportunity to become a Young Ambassador was brought up to me I was eager to join and be able to help others like me, as well as experience new opportunities. I look forward to seeing where this role takes me and to hopefully make some changes along the way!


Darryl (England)

As a Young Ambassador for Action for Children, I hope to contribute to their efforts in making lasting improvements to the lives of children and young people. I am excited about the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organisations to bring about positive change for children."


Emry (Wales)

I wanted to join the board because I wanted to make a difference with other young people for other young people and I wanted to feel like I was contributing to something bigger while using my life experiences and opinions to inform a change I wanted to make, regardless of the size of the difference. Even if the contribution I make, say, today or tomorrow doesn't lead to anything this year or next year, maybe in 10 years it could contribute to something that I didn't think could come of it.


Holly (England)

I decided to become a Young Ambassador to advocate for all child and young people across the country, no matter what they are going through, so they can be heard, supported and empowered.


Nikita (Northern Ireland)

After being a part of AFC’s Young Carers Project for 10 years, I really wanted to give back to the charity after everything it has done for me. I want to help elevate the voices of our young service users and aim to push for changes that have their best interests at heart across the board.


Emma (England)

Hi, I'm Emma and I'm a (almost final year!) International Business with French student and have nearly completed my exchange year in France. I wanted to join the Young Ambassadors Board as I’m keen to further my understanding of the non-profit sector and hopefully influence wider change. I also thought it would be a good way to draw upon my own experience and gain experience that will be useful for my final year and beyond.


Calli (Scotland)

I wanted to become a Young Ambassador for Action for Children because I want to make actual change in the social work system and improve the services that action for children provide. I want to help other individuals that have been through difficult situations such as myself, so that they have the support to overcome them.


Evie (England)

I want to create change, for young people to be heard. I care about intervention, prevention and participation. as a survivor with lived experience of over 8 years in services i think I'm an expert regarding what young people need and what professionals should be doing.


Rose (England)

I am so excited to be joining the board, to be able to use my experience of mental health, being in care etc to help decision makers take into account how the decisions they make affect Young People, lived experience is vital and to be able to use mine to change the lives of others is so rewarding and I can't wait for my journey to share my experience and learn about other young people's journey alongside my fellow ambassadors.


Miracle (England)

I’ve always had a passion for advocacy and standing up for those who are often forgotten. I’ve always believed in the reform of the social care sector, having experienced it for myself as a care leaver. I feel I have the knowledge and the skills to help promote reform and to also help establish trust within the social care community.

I went through personal traumas myself. I feel it would be logical and necessary to be the voice of those who have no voice to ask for reform and also to those who feel they haven’t been heard.

louise, YA

Louise (England)

I'm passionate about bringing about change and utilising my voice to support other young people and to help them find their own voice too. Due to early adversity, I want to share my lived experience and utilise it to inspire and support the next generation of young people in having their voices heard. Working with Action for Children as a Young Ambassador helps me to do this, and helps us all determine how we can improve outcomes for young people.

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