Child neglect and its relationship to other forms of harm - responding effectively to children’s needs

Action for Children, Research in Practice and the NSPCC have commissioned three evidence scopes on the potential relationship between neglect and forms of sexual harm and abuse. These different types of harm rarely exist in isolation; children need early, effective and holistic support to address these vulnerabilities, recover from harm and achieve positive outcomes.

Each of the three scopes is a comprehensive review of available evidence, considers key implications for practice and policy, and suggests models to support professionals to understand how child neglect can be related to other kinds of harm. The summary document draws the three scopes together and outlines key messages on the relationship between neglect and other forms of harm. We hope that these new resources can help practitioners, commissioners and policy makers to engage critically with these complex topics and use the evidence to inform their work.

The three scoping reports look at:

  • Exploring the relationship between neglect and adult-perpetrated intra-familial child sexual abuse
  • Exploring the relationship between neglect and harmful sexual behaviours in children and young people
  • Exploring the relationship between neglect and child sexual exploitation

We are disseminating the scopes through the Research in Practice Network, CYP Now, the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) Conference and other channels.

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