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We can offer practical advice and support to help you and your family.

Don't forget you can drop into any of our children or family centres or call our teams to find out how you can get help with more serious problems.

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Help for families with disabled children

If you have a disabled child, we offer a range of short breaks including community, residential short breaks, family-based breaks or support in your own home.

These are tailored to your child’s needs and what they want to do. We also provide a range of services from early support to helping disabled young people prepare for adulthood.

"Action for Children were really, really good and if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t be here. Lily might not have been either if things had carried on in that vein. I might have unintentionally hurt her by zoning out because of my mental health at that time."

Attended our Here's Looking At You Baby Group

Things to do with your child

We've got some great ideas from our children's services across the UK for you to do with your little ones.

They are lots of fun to do and they'll also help with your children's development.

Things to do with your child

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Find out about our support groups, where to get information and how to get involved where you live.

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Advice for parents

Everyone seems to have an opinion when it comes to parenting advice.

Our parenting tips and advice draws on the knowledge and expertise of professionals who have worked with thousands of children, young people and families over the years.

They have a proven track record – our solutions work!


Our nurseries

The first years of your child's life are just as important to us as they are to you. We take pride in our excellent stimulating and safe nursery environments where your child can grow and learn.

We understand the balancing act of getting the best education and care for your child whilst also getting value for money - we can offer both. With our highly trained staff we will help your child develop to their full potential. 

We are passionate and dedicated about giving your child a healthy start from an early age.

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"I felt very isolated. I was depressed so I didn’t go out and didn’t take my youngest to baby groups. He was quite shy and didn’t have any social skills, so when I started taking him to my local centre and putting him in a group with other kids was brilliant for him."


Last year we helped 387,000 children, young people and families in the UK.

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