We’ve got loads of ideas to get you started with fundraising as a family. From sporty challenges to at-home activities, there’s something for everyone

Raising money for Action for Children is a great family activity.


  • Plant growing competition: Sow your seeds and place a bet on who can grow their plants the biggest! Invite your friends and family to make a donation to vote on whole plants will be the tallest by the end of a set time frame. Sunflowers are a great plant for this challenge. The tallest one on record grew to a massive 9.17 metres.
  • Come dine with me: Take turns in the kitchen and treat your loved ones to a very special dinner party. Kids will love the chance to set the menu and dictate the dress code. Attendees make a donation in return for their seat at the table!
  • Bake off: Who can resist a bake sale? Baking is a super easy way to raise some dough. You could bake star-shaped goodies to remind people why you’re fundraising and to get even more children’s stars shining.
  • Mini marathon: Hop, skip, walk, or even piggyback a mile as a family and collect sponsorship for your efforts. Gather a group of your favourite people and get f-RUN-draising. You’ll all get fitter and raise more money pounding the pavement.
  • Treasure hunt: Whether you keep it small and hunt around your garden, or set a challenge around your town, adults and children alike will love a treasure hunt. Charge an entry donation for participants – and make sure to get your friends, family, and neighbours involved too.
  • Games night: Whether you’re a scrabble master, a card fanatic, or mad about Monopoly, a games night is a fun and engaging fundraiser that all ages will want to get involved with. Get creative with fundraising games and challenges as you play.