Encourage creativity, empathy and generosity in your children by getting them involved in fundraising for Action for Children.

There are loads of simple and effective fundraising challenges your children can take part in – here are some of our top ideas. We can’t wait to hear yours too.

Alternatively, if you want to fundraise as a family, we have plenty of ideas for that too.

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  • Save your pennies: Fill empty sweet tubes with pennies - they quickly add up to pounds.
  • Read-a-thon: Set a target number of books to read in a week, month, or even a year, and collect sponsorship for every page you turn.
  • Litter Pick: Do your bit for the environment and collect sponsorship too! Take inspiration from Eric and Idris, who raised more than £300 with their litter picking challenge.
  • Drawing challenge: A great one for a classroom or nursery group. Take a donation for each entry. Chop up a piece of famous artwork into squares and have each child draw, paint or colour their own section. Put them all together and create a huge piece of collaborative artwork.
  • Talent show: Whether it’s a living room dance off or singing on stage, encourage children to share their skills with a talent show and donate money for their performance.
  • Dress up day: Perfect for school or nursery groups, a dress up day is a classic fundraiser that’s simple, easy, and effective. Donate a pound or two to wear own clothes, or choose a theme.