As a valued Action for Children supporter, you can have your will written for free.

You can use this free service whether or not you include Action for Children in your will. But a gift of any size would make a difference.

You have the choice to write your will online, or a specialist can phone you.

Get your free will now or read on for more details.

Make a will online

You could write your will online in a few easy steps with our partner Farewill, the UK's number one online will-writing service. You can write your will in as little as 15 minutes, with live, online support from specialists.

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How do I leave a gift in my will?

Our trusted will-writing partners are ready to help. When writing your will online with Farewill, you will be asked if you would like to leave a gift to charity.

You can then decide if you would like to leave a specific amount of money or a percentage of your estate. And they will take care of the rest.

We always recommend you think of friends and family first, and get independent legal advice. If you change your mind, you can remove Action for Children from your will easily at any time. You don’t have to tell us.

It was from having had first-hand experience of pupil deprivation through teaching in and visiting a wide range of schools in different locations that made me decide to leave a gift in my will ... Action for Children deserves the maximum support it can achieve.

Derek, Action for Children Legacy Pledger
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About Farewill

Farewill’s online will-writing services cover England and Wales. There are phone options for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Visit for more information.

Farewill guide you step-by-step through a series of questions so they can create your personalised will.

Farewill work with expert legal advisors to make sure they use the latest in legal precedents in all their wills. Based on the information you enter on the site, they personalise your will to you and draft it with the same structure and content lawyers use.

Most people finish in 10-15 minutes, although it’s recommended you take your time to fully understand everything. If you need more time, pause and come back. Your information will still be there.

This offer will cover the cost of having your will written and made legally binding.

There is an optional £10 per year fee to have unlimited access to update your will. You can opt into and out of this service.

Farewill are not yet able to provide wills to the following groups of people:

  • People with disabled dependants.
  • People who want to set up trusts mitigating their inheritance tax liability.
  • People with significant estates outside of the UK.
  • People who lack testamentary capacity.
  • People who are blind, illiterate, or significantly visually impaired.
  • People domiciled outside of England or Wales.

For a will to be legally binding, it must be written down and signed by the person whose will it is and two witnesses. Once this is done, it is legally valid.

There are four important criteria that all valid wills must meet:

  1. The person making the will must be over 18, not under any undue influence, and have "testamentary capacity".
  2. The will must be properly written and formatted.
  3. The will must be signed by the person making the will and two witnesses (ordinary people, not solicitors).
  4. The person making the will must understand what is in it, the effect that it will have, and approve of its content.

You can store a will in your own home, or pay for a will storage service. If you keep it at home, put it somewhere safe and make sure you tell your executors where it is.