Star in Every Child

Every child deserves a bright future. Together, we have the power to help children overcome abuse and neglect, poverty and poor mental health
Help them shine

We believe there's a star in every child. It’s their energy, their imagination. Their personality. When a child is safe and happy, their star shines brightly.

But poverty, abuse and neglect, and poor mental health are robbing too many children of the bright futures they deserve.

Together, we can change this.

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Help them shine

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Right now, millions of children in the UK don’t have the chance to shine. Their childhoods are overshadowed by abuse and neglect, poverty and poor mental health.

Together, we can help make sure children get the best start in life and have a loving place to call home. We can provide food and warmth in a crisis. We can be there for parents who are struggling. And we can offer the right mental health support so children thrive.

Help us break down the barriers that stop children shining – before it’s too late.

Without support, abuse and neglect, poverty and poor mental health can have a lifelong impact. Because it’s hard to grow, learn and fulfil your potential when you’re hungry or cold, scared or alone.

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Action for Children provides:

  • Food, clothes and essentials to children in crisis
  • Protection and recovery to child victims of abuse and neglect
  • Tools for young people to look after their mental health
  • Support for parents going through a tough time

We reached more than 600,000 children last year. But there are so many more children who need us to be there.

Action for Children know how to give vulnerable children a brighter future. But we can’t do it without you.

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