Blues Programme

The Blues programme, funded by Royal Mail, is an internationally acclaimed preventative course aimed for people aged 13-19 years-old who are suffering from, or who are at risk of developing a mental health disorder.

75% of adults with lifelong mental health issues first experience symptoms by 18. We work hard to make a positive impact on the mental health of children and young people in the UK.

This year we will start to work with selected schools, colleges and sixth forms to introduce the programme.



Blues busting

The six-week course involves weekly one-hour group sessions at school with home practice assignments. Weekly activity sessions build group rapport, cognitive restructuring techniques, followed by a range of coping strategies. 

Home practice assignments apply the skills learnt to daily life. It's simple and it works. 

Courses are run by a trained Action for Children 'Blues' specialist - we call them the 'blues busters'. Here's what's involved. 

  1. Eligible school, colleges or sixth forms sign up
  2. All students (13-19) complete the Blues survey
  3. Blues candidates are identified and sign up
  4. 6-week group course starts (1 hour/week)
  5. Results are evaluated and shared

"On average, every classroom in Britain has three children with a diagnosable mental health illness."

blues prog2

We aim to reach thousands of young people who are at risk of developing depression and other mental health issues, and make sure they get the help they need.

The Blues programme is being introduced at no cost. This is thanks to our partnership with Royal Mail, who will be providing £2million raised through the fundraising efforts of postmen and women across the UK and its matched giving scheme.

This year we’ll be working with selected schools, colleges and sixth forms to introduce the programme. Our ambition over the next year is to fund the roll-out of ‘Blues’ across the UK.