Christmas Charity Donations: 4 Ways to Give This Christmas Season

Saturday 11 November 2023
little girl writing down Christmas wish list under the table, in an improvised tent

Support vulnerable children and families by donating to charity. As the season of giving draws near, it's the perfect way to give back

Not everyone gets to experience the magic of Christmas, but you can donate to charity to change this.

Each donation could help bring happiness, warmth and safety to a vulnerable child. Become a vital lifeline this Christmas. Here's how:

Become a Secret Santa

Too many UK children have never felt the magic of Christmas.

What is a Secret Santa?

1. Donate a virtual Christmas present

Little boy resting on his mother’s chest with his baby brother and father in the background

Donate by choosing from one (or more!) of our of virtual presents. When you do, you'll become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child.

Choose a virtual gift like a Christmas present or warm winter clothes and you could help a vulnerable child feel the magic of Christmas.

You can also dedicate your donation to friends and family, and send them a personalised virtual or printable card.

2. Make a Christmas charity donation

A young boy wearing warm clothing holding a warm drink and eating a mince pie

Children all over the UK will wake up on Christmas morning to nothing but a cold house. No toys, no treats, no Christmas dinner – maybe no dinner at all. It's heartbreaking. But we see the difference people like you can make.

This Christmas, make a donation to charity. Your support will help us reach families when they need us the most.

3. Buy a Christmas card and make a donation

Merry Chsitismas on a red and white snowy background

This year, you can make a donation when you buy an Action for Children Christmas card. There's a card for everyone – traditional or contemporary. You might like one of our exclusive Christmas card designs, which you won't find anywhere else.

Every purchase and donation goes towards giving children a safe and happy childhood. What’s a better way to spread the festive cheer?

4. Buy a Magical Bauble

Bauble resized to 950x630

Deck the halls with your very own Action for Children bauble.

Each sale of the unique bauble will raise awareness for Action for Children’s Secret Santa campaign, which could provide vulnerable children with warm clothes, a hot meal or a Christmas present just for them.

Jess' Magical Bauble

Help support vulnerable children & young people with your own magical bauble.

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Be a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child

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