The 2023 John Lewis Christmas advert supports Action for Children

Thursday 09 November 2023
Andrea Bocelli playing guitar against Christmas tree

Like the rest of the UK, we've been excitedly awaiting the release of the John Lewis Christmas advert. And this year’s advert is extra special with its festive soundtrack supporting Action for Children.

It's one year since John Lewis spotlight children in care and Action for Children in their 2022 Christmas TV ad. The advert was part of their Building Happier Futures Programme – their long-term commitment to helping children from care.

This year’s advert, called ‘Snapper, the Perfect Christmas Tree’, similarly supports our work with vulnerable children and young people across the UK. How? Through the advert’s emotive, classical soundtrack.

Did you know our very own Christmas advert is on TV?

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Help support vulnerable children and young people across the UK.

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What is the 2023 John Lewis Christmas ad about?

The story begins with a young boy who excitedly buys a seed at a quirky antiques market with his Gran. The label on the box says ‘grow your own perfect Christmas tree’ – the ultimate winter activity. However, the seed unexpectedly grows into a mischievous Venus Fly Trap named Snapper.

Like many past John Lewis Christmas ads (think Moz the Monster from 2017 or Monty the Penguin in 2014) we see a magical bond grow between the boy and Snapper. And by the advert’s end, Snapper has been lovingly absorbed into the family and their Christmas traditions. The message? ‘Let your traditions grow’.

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How does the John Lewis Christmas advert support Action for Children?

The soundtrack of the advert stars the classical singer, Andrea Bocelli – a breakaway from the conventional acoustic covers that they've done in the past.

The song was created specially for the Christmas advert and named ‘festa’, which means ‘celebration’. It matches the message of shaking off typical traditions by adding a twist to the traditional music we listen to at Christmas time.

But it's not just a new song to add to your Christmas soundtrack. By downloading it, you'll be supporting our work at Action for Children.

As part of their commitment to supporting care experienced young people, every download of the advert’s song will give money towards the charity partners of John Lewis & Partners’ Building Happier Futures Programme: Action for Children, Home-Start UK, and Who Cares? Scotland.

Download Festa by Andrea Bocelli

Help support vulnerable children and young people across the UK.

Listen now (opens in a new tab)

Where can I download the John Lewis Christmas advert's song?

The song is available to download now on Decca records and other music outlets including Amazon and Apple Music. Andrea Bocelli’s record company, Decca, will be donating 10p for every track download in the UK between 9th November and 31st April 2024 split between, Action for Children (50%), Home-Start UK (30%), and Who Cares? Scotland (20%).

When is the John Lewis 2023 Christmas advert released?

The advert was released on John Lewis & Partners’ social media channels on 9th of November 2022. The advert will feature on TV channels from the 10th November.

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