How Dell Technologies is helping transform lives: Jacob's story

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Elijah Cruz - Digital Communications Officer
Friday 14 June 2024
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Since 2009, we've been working with Dell Technologies to help transform lives by ensuring that vulnerable young people have access to digital resources.

In the UK, 4.3 million children now live in poverty. As increasing costs continue to affect our most vulnerable, families are finding it a constant struggle to buy food and other essentials, let alone consider buying technology for their child’s education or training.

With Dell Technologies, we are helping to ease this burden by providing access to vital technologies to families.

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Dell Inspire IT programme

Thanks to Dell Technologies, Action for Children’s Dell Inspire IT programme provides young people who have been identified as disadvantaged or excluded from the digital world with technology which they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The programme also provides the skills, knowledge, and support that young people need to communicate, connect, and engage with opportunities safely and with confidence.

Now in its 15th year, our partnership continues to positively impact on the lives of young people across the UK, like Jacob from Bath.

Jacob sitting on a sofa with both his parents with his laptop

Jacob's Story:

Jacob’s family were referred to Action for Children when their health visitor recognised they all needed support.

Jacob's mum, Jordan, has severe and chronic back pain. Her partner, Sean, is a full-time carer to her, along with their three children: Jacob, 11, Isaac, six, and Micheal, four.

Sean used to work full time until Jordan’s back condition worsened. Financial worries, along with the cost-of-living crisis, were an additional strain for the family.

Another daily challenge for Sean and Jordan is trying to support Jacob, 11, who has additional needs, and is currently being assessed for autism, symptoms of which first presented when he was just 2 years old.

When Action for Children stepped in...

Helen Stockwell, Service Co-ordinator for Action for Children’s Bath West Children’s Centre, was aware that Jacob was about to start secondary school but that he didn’t have a Chromebook, a tool that millions of school children now rely on to do their schoolwork.

Helen Stockwell smiling at camera

Helen said: “We work in this area of deprivation, and once a year we get Chromebooks from Dell that we make sure go to families who are struggling with digital poverty. I knew that the Chromebook would have a massive impact on Jacob’s life.”

Through Action for Children’s Dell Inspire IT programme, and Dell Technologies’ donation of Chromebooks, Helen was able to give Jacob his own Dell Chromebook. Jordan was overwhelmed when they heard the news that Jacob would receive his own Chromebook.

His eyes just lit up when he opened it. He kept asking ‘Is this mine? Is it mine to keep?' He was so happy.

Jacob's mum, Jordan.

Jordan said: “The Chromebook gives him the opportunity to learn new skills, to research things he’s interested in like film animation, and he’s teaching himself Japanese. Dell is giving my child a chance for a better future."

“He feels empowered by it and it gives him independence. It has also boosted his confidence and helped him calm down a lot.”

Jacob loves his new Chromebook and remembers how he felt when he was told it was his to keep.

I was so happy and excited. I can do so many things on it and it’s mine. I love it.

Although the family still has many struggles, Jordan says that the support from Action for Children has been like a lifeline for their family.

“I want to tell our story because I want people to know the amazing work that Action for Children does and to let other people know in case they need support.

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