Foster Carer embarks on 333 mile walk to raise awareness of fostering services

Friday 15 September 2023
Deb foster carer on her hike

At Action for Children, we know foster carers do an incredible job every day, but Deborah Anderson went the extra 333 miles.

Deborah, an Action for Children foster carer, hiked her way across Scotland earlier this year to help raise awareness of Action for Children’s fostering services during Foster Carer Fortnight. The hike was a joint effort with Deborah and a 16-year-old young person who has been in her care for the last four years. Their family cocker spaniel, Henry, also joined the hike.

Once you get into fostering you realise you are part of something bigger and that you’re making a difference. I was happier as a person because I felt fulfilled in my career and I was able to be there for my children.


Deborah first became a foster carer with Action for Children 17 years ago. She shared why she became a foster carer in the first place: "I got to the stage where I thought there has to be more to life than this. I still wanted to be a professional, but I wanted to do that in a way that aligned with my values and ambitions as a mother.”

Deb Foster Carer sitting on a bench with her dog

These days, Deborah enjoys advocating for outdoor activities as a way to improve the mental wellbeing of children and young people under her care.

The expedition was an example of this. The hike began on 27th April in from Kelvingrove in the West End of Glasgow and finished 333-miles later in the very north of Scotland in Kearvaig Bay on 23rd May.

Along the way, they were joined by friends for different sections of their hike and relied mainly on camping and staying in bothies throughout the trip.

Foster carer fortnight is an annual campaign that raises awareness of fostering and how it can transform lives. There are many inspiring stories that talk about the impact fostering can have on young people.

Before I moved in with them, I honestly didn't know the meaning of family. I thought I wasn't going to be able to have a family.



Around 7,200 foster families are needed across the UK


Over 30,000 children enter the care system every year

Action for Children’s Acting National Director for Scotland, Fiona Steel, commented: "We are incredibly grateful to Deborah for her years of dedication to providing young people with a safe and stable home and allowing them the opportunity to thrive."

We hope that Deborah's journey has inspired you to learn more or to consider becoming a foster carer and help provide a loving home to children and young people who need it most.