Free activities for families this summer

Thursday 03 August 2023
Happy young girl playing on the beach

The summer holidays should be a chance for families to reconnect and recharge. But with the rising cost of living and changes to universal credit, many families are feeling the pinch.

With four more weeks of holiday left to fill, it can be challenging to think of new and exciting, budget-friendly activities to keep your children entertained. To help, we have rounded up five ideas for a fun-filled summer that won’t break the bank.

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1. Visit your local library

A visit to the local library can be a great activity for children and young people of all ages. Reading can help inspire your child’s imagination whilst helping to maintain their learning.

Alongside large collections of books, most local libraries also have DVDs or computer and IT services to keep your children entertained. And as access to these services is often free, you can enjoy a range of limitless entertainment throughout the summer months and beyond.

2. Enjoy the wilderness of the outdoors

The warmer weather offers the perfect chance to get outside and explore the great outdoors. Whether a visit to a local park or nearby woodland, being in nature can help children learn about wildlife and the environment. It can also promote a sense of play for the whole family, so why not pair the adventure with a DIY scavenger hunt?

For families with gardens, the sunny months of July and August also provide the perfect weather to try your hand at gardening and planting some seeds.

Family happily talkng and smiling as they walk outdoors in the woods

3. Take a dip in the water

Similar to exploring the countryside around you, a trip to the beach or a local lake can prove a delightful day trip - and the perfect free summer activity for families. Gather some buckets and spades, or borrow some from friends and family, and enjoy a day by the water.

4. Get creative with arts and crafts

From recyclable materials to leftover paper or cardboard, our homes tend to have an array of everyday items that are perfect for inspiring your child’s next masterpiece. A quick search online can foster some inspiration for your next project, and to make the occasion even more exciting, why not host a get together with friends for an arts and crafts party too.

young child squeezing paint bottle.jpg

5. Enjoy a meal out with a ‘kids eat free’ offer

A meal out can be a great way to spend some time together as a family, whilst ensuring your child is well fed and nourished. Thankfully, a number of restaurants and cafes are offering a ‘kids eat free’ (or for £1) offer across the summer months, so it doesn’t have to be a costly excursion.

Notable chains like Bella Italia are offering children a three-course meal and drink for just £1 with every adult meal purchased. And Brewer’s Fayer are offering a free meal for up to two under 16 year olds when an adult buys the unlimited breakfast for £9.99.

The warmer months thus provide ample opportunity to get outside and get moving. And with these ideas in mind, you can enjoy the relaxation and time together that the summer holidays bring. Whether a trip to the seaside or an arts and crafts day at home, you can cherish new memories without a spike in spending.

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