Five ways fostering has brought families closer together

Saturday 01 October 2022
Parent and children

October is Families Who Foster Month. To mark this year’s theme, #CloserTogether, we spoke to our families and asked how fostering has helped bring them closer

Keeping it in the family

Jennifer with husband Trevor

Jennifer has fostered for over six years with her husband Trevor. One of the couple’s motivations to foster was Trevor’s experience growing up in a family that fostered. Since being approved as carers, Jennifer explains their bond with Trevor’s foster sister has become closer than ever.

"When something is going on with our foster children, we’re lucky we can talk to Trevor’s sister about it. Her perspective as a foster child is invaluable. It helps us to gain a better understanding of what our children are experiencing. We can also ask advice from Trevor’s mum and dad who have a background as foster carers.”

Strengthening bonds

1x1 teenagers walking in london

Kyle, who has recently left home to attend university, grew up in a fostering family.

“My mum fostered since I was about 14. Over the past 3–4 years, we’ve welcomed two young people into our house.” There were things that Kyle had to adapt to, such as sharing his mother with other young people. But he says overall the experience has strengthened his bond with his mum: “Fostering has made my mum and I a lot closer.”

Kyle and his mum even developed a way for him to always feel safe expressing his feelings. “When I lived at home, I had a special word that I could say when I needed to talk to my mum about a situation or needed support.”

Meet another one of our foster carers children

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Extending the family


Geraldine has fostered for 10 years with her husband John. She explains that her extended family has become a ‘team’ around their foster children.

“Fostering is a team effort. You rely on family to help with things like the school run, the same as you would if they were your own children.

"When a foster child comes into our home, the whole family embraces them and makes them feel part of the family.”

Shona, Geraldine’s sister, added: “We're one big family. My son and daughter consider Geraldine and John’s children as their cousins. They love having the extra people in the family to play with.”

Geraldine said, “When my niece first met our youngest foster child, she wrapped her arms around him and said, ‘Another cousin!’ The bond between those two is unbelievable.”

She wrapped her arms around him and said, ‘Another cousin!’

Shona, family member

New experiences

Shona and Paul

Paul’s sister-in-law Geraldine, is a foster carer. As a result, Paul has taken up new hobbies so that he can introduce the foster children in the family to new experiences.

“My favourite part of being in a family who fosters, is the interaction with the kids. I have taken up mountain biking and paddle boarding because of them.

"It’s fantastic to be able to share those experiences together. I can’t imagine our family life without them.”

Supporting each other


Victoria is a single carer who started her journey in fostering by providing planned breaks. She then transitioned into the role of a full-time foster carer. Going into fostering, Victoria was already close with her family. But fostering proved that she could rely on them for support.

“When you are going through an experience together, it does tend to bring you closer. When I was transitioning between planned breaks care and becoming a full-time foster carer, there was a lot to consider.

"My family journeyed that with me. They helped me to see that it was something that I was capable of doing and that they would be there to support me. It led to me feeling capable of making that decision.”

Could your family foster?

Fostering can be a rewarding experience for the whole family. And it can bring them closer together. If you think your family could foster, contact your local fostering team for more information.