Donating to Action for Children

The difference your support will make

Like all major charities, Action for Children depends on donations to carry out much of its work.

When you donate to Action for Children you can be confident that the money you give will be used on projects that will have a lasting effect on lives of children in the UK.

That's because we only run projects and services that have been proven to work. We measure the progress of the children we help, so we can show the difference we have made.

How we measure our impact


Regular giving

Regular gifts are the lifeblood of a charity like Action for Children. When we get funding from government, local authorities or businesses it is often to provide a specific service. This type of funding is never guaranteed for the long term. So we depend on our regular supporters for a stable source of funds to carry out long term work, and to fund projects that are critical for the people who need them, but may not be priorities for the authorities.

So, even if you can only afford a modest gift, if it's given on a regular basis, could mean a child in the UK gets the help they need.

Make a regular donation

Recycle and help us raise funds

You can help us raise money by recycling foreign currency left over after your holiday or your old mobile phone.

Simply call 0300 123 2112 and we will send you a recycling bag for your phone or arrange for someone to collect your left over holiday money.

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Leave a gift in your will

If you are writing your will, could you remember an extra child in it? Our long term work depends on the gifts people leave to Action for Children in their wills.

Gifts left in Wills don’t have to be large amounts. They don't even have to be money – some people leave us things like antiques, or even jewellery.

Legacy giving