We offer safe and loving homes for children and young people who have experienced complex trauma in their childhood

Our homes across England welcome children and young people who are dealing with complex trauma. This could be as a result of sexual abuse, neglect or domestic violence.

Children stay with us for several months or years, depending on their needs.

The homes we offer

Tyne and Wear

We are opening four children’s homes in the north of England. Each home can support between three to four children in a family style environment.

Our homes specialise in supporting children with complex trauma. This includes sexual trauma and child sexual exploitation. We welcome children and young people aged from seven to 12 years, as well as those aged ten to 18 years.

West Midlands and South West

We plan to open new children’s homes in the West Midlands and the South West of England in 2023/24.

Teenage girl and boy sitting on sofa with laptops

A family home

We want our homes to feel like home. Warm and welcoming, where every child is part of family. Each home is designed to feel spacious and homely, with high quality furnishings.

We have lots of technology too, including a TV, DVD player and games consoles. Communal areas are great for relaxing, spending time with friends and doing activities.

There’s a separate dining room where everyone can eat together. We also have a utility room. We support children to do their own washing and ironing to build their life skills.

Get in touch

Are you a commissioner? We would love to talk to you. We can discuss your needs and potential new developments for children in your care.

Interested in developing residential services?

Contact Oliver Suggate

We are currently updating our Referral process, therefore, if you are interested in residential placements in England, please email the Central Referral Mailbox.

You can also contact Residential Referral Officer, Chloe Angell on 07715 232685 or via email.