We give children and young people safe and nurturing homes in England, Scotland and Wales

Children and young people in care have had lots of different experiences. Many have been rejected or experienced something traumatic. Others have moved homes many times.

We offer homes for children and young people who have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma. We support them in small, family style homes. We know this setting best meets the needs of each child.

Children's wellbeing

Our homes offer stability and security. Staff give children a structure, set routines and establish boundaries.

We provide a warm, nurturing environment where children can build resilience and form lasting relationships.

Our HOMES model

We teamed up with Changing Minds UK to develop the HOMES model. It is a pioneering framework to support children and young people in residential care.

Before arriving with us, young people have often experienced many forms of abuse and neglect. They have moved homes many times too.

The HOMES model allows us to meet children’s mental and emotional needs using the latest, most effective approaches.

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All our children’s homes follow five key principles:

  • Helping young people to build and maintain connections
  • Focusing on children’s outcomes and using the latest evidence
  • Making sense of a young person’s journey together
  • Empowering staff to make decisions, and working closely with other agencies
  • Offering a safe and stable home where young people feel heard and trusted

We believe in ‘connection before correction’ and building safe, trusting relationships. We support everyone to embed therapeutic parenting into their practice. Every interaction with a child should enhance their life.

Charlene Rouski, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Changing Minds UK

We review the HOMES model every year with young people, staff and the wider organisation.

Our staff

Our highly skilled staff get the best training and supervision. This includes training in therapeutic parenting, and access to a unique Professional Development Centre to ensure their development.

Caring for children in a home is a complex and professional task. We make sure staff have the skills and support to work with young people in all situations.

Young teenage girl and older lady sat having a conversation

Staff enjoy regular support from a clinical psychologist. This way, they can best support young people with trauma – and help them thrive.

We follow Safer Recruitment guidelines. And all our staff go through a comprehensive recruitment process. This includes:

  • Reference checks
  • A selection process based on competency and personal motivation tests
  • Enhanced disclosure with barring (DBS) checks

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