Our two homes in North Wales – Tan y Bryn and Tan y Dre – offer a safe and stable environment for children aged nine to 18 years old

We understand that every child goes through a different experience in life. Some of our young people have faced trauma in their childhood. This could be neglect, violence, domestic abuse or sexual exploitation.

The homes we offer

Our homes welcome children and young people aged nine to 18 years. This can be for several months or years, depending on what the child needs.

We work with local authorities across North Wales and in the bordering counties. Our home in Wrexham, Tan y Dre, welcomes up to four children. Our home in Denbighshire, Tan y Bryn, welcomes up to five children.

Both homes are recognised for their innovative approach and excellent outcomes for children.

Young people are settled and comfortable with care staff, who know them well and give consistent nurturing care.

Tan y Bryn inspection report, November 2020

A model of care focused on children

We offer child-centred care to each individual in our homes. They get tailored support from therapists. Our team works with each child to understand their needs. Together, they find ways to process trauma and make sense of their history.

Every month, a clinical psychologist visits Tan y Bryn and Tan y Dre. They support our staff to give each child the right care. This could be through:

  • Dyadic developmental psychotherapy (DDP)
  • Theraplay
  • Narrative life stories, or
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Mother and daughter working in garden

A fun and safe environment

Both Tan y Bryn and Tan y Dre offer a range of experiences for young people to enjoy. We run many activities – from bike rides and swimming lessons, to having friends round for a sleepover. Everyone gets to express their preferences and try new things! 

Priority is given to promoting young people's health and reducing their risk of harm. Young people participate in activities, and are able to do things that matter to them.

Tan y Dre inspection report, June 2019

Residential care at Headlands

In South Wales, we run homes for children and young people, aged seven to nine years old, with learning disabilities. Many of them have also experienced trauma. They are linked to Headlands, an independent and residential special school.

Get in touch

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To enquire about residential placements in Wales, call our Cardiff office on 02920 222127.