Help us make a difference: become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child

Monday 02 November 2020
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For most of us, the festive season is a happy time. But there are thousands of children all over the UK who face a Christmas without food, warmth or love. We’re working hard to change this – and we need your help

That’s why we’re asking you to become a Secret Santa for a vulnerable child.

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact on their lives. Even before the crisis millions of families were struggling. Now, many are at breaking point. This year, vulnerable children in the UK need a Secret Santa more than ever.

More than four million children in the UK are locked in poverty. That’s the equivalent of nine children in every school class of 30. And families are struggling to afford the basics, like food and clothes.

It was coming up to Christmas and they didn’t have heating in the house, they didn’t have food in the cupboards. There was no magic.

Sian, Family support worker

Last year, people like you helped us reach 604,885 children, young people and families in the UK.

Thousands of wonderful supporters made a life-changing difference in so many ways. Their generosity meant our frontline key workers could help struggling families to pay for the essentials, like food, warm clothes and a safe place to sleep. They helped us to protect children living in the shadow of domestic abuse and supported those with caring responsibilities. They also supported young people with their mental health and provided short breaks for disabled children.

At Action for Children, we see children who are hurting every day. But we also see the difference your support makes. By becoming a Secret Santa – and raising money – you can bring happiness, warmth and safety to these children.

Be a Secret Santa

Many children in the UK face a Christmas without food, warmth or love. Your gift could help change this.

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