Your chance to help children’s stars shine

Monday 06 September 2021
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Find out how can help Action for Children unlock the potential in every child by joining our new campaign: Star in Every Child

At Action for Children, we believe there’s a star in every child.

It’s their boundless energy – their curiosity, personality and imagination. It’s their innocence, trust and extraordinary sense of wonder. It’s the qualities that make them who they are.

When a child has the safe and happy childhood they deserve, their star shines brightly. But too many children in the UK right now don’t have the chance to shine. Their childhoods are overshadowed by abuse and neglect, poverty, and poor mental health.

But you can change this.

Together we can make sure children get the best start in life and have a loving place to call home. We can provide food and warmth in a crisis. We can be there for parents who are struggling. And we can offer the right mental health support so children thrive.

Why we're asking for your help

We're asking the public to help us break down the barriers that stop children shining – before it’s too late.

Tired boy at school desk

In the UK, 4.3 million children are living in poverty.

It’s hard for your imagination to shine when all you can think about is how hungry you are.
One in five children live in families who find it a constant struggle to buy food and other essentials.

It’s hard for your star to shine when you’re facing neglect and abuse.
Neglect affects one in ten children in the UK. It makes them feel like they’re invisible.

It’s hard for your personality to shine when you’re too anxious to leave your room.
On average, five children in every school classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition.

These things don’t just stop children’s stars from shining right now – they can have a lifelong impact. Because it’s hard to grow, learn and fulfil your potential when you’re hungry or cold, scared or alone.

It’s not too late to help

It’s amazing how resilient children can be if we reach them in time.

Action for Children knows how to help vulnerable children shine. But we can’t do it without you.

Last year, people like you helped us reach more than 600,000 children, young people and families.

Together we made sure children in crisis had the essentials, like food and warmth. We protected children living in the shadow of domestic abuse and neglect. We ran programmes that gave young people the tools to look after their mental health. And we were a vital lifeline for parents – both in person and online.

Happy boy with star shining brightly

All children deserve the chance to shine - and you can help

How you can help

With your help, right now, we can make sure children have the basics – the things every child needs, like warm clothes and proper meals. Things to make them feel safe and comfortable, like a proper bed. And the things that help them reach for the stars, like tutoring or learning a musical instrument.

There are lots of different ways to help:


Give a gift today and you could help fund the essentials to help a vulnerable child's star shine. All donations are appreciated - please give whatever you can afford.


Join our Star Jump Challenge and raise funds from friends, family or colleagues. How much could you raise star jumping for vulnerable children? Sign up here.


We're calling on the Government to cancel a planned cut that would push 200,000 more children into poverty. You can help by lending your voice to the campaign. Find out more here.