An Independent Visitor is an adult who volunteers to regularly spend free time with a young person in care

Meeting them once a month, for a minimum of two years, Independent Visitors (IV) are there to listen and to help young people to talk and think about everyday things. During this time, they’ll support them in their interests, mentor them to make their own decisions and be a positive influence.

On their visits, they can have a chat, go for a walk and give children the opportunity to try new activities or go to new places.

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I feel really comfortable around her. It's like I can talk to her about anything.

Young person supported by an IV

An Independent Visitor will:

  • Help young people through the good and tough times.
  • Explore with young people their interests and the world around them.
  • Guide and nurture where it’s needed.
  • Support young people to understand themselves.
  • Have lots of fun.

Volunteer as an Independent Visitor

We're currently recruiting volunteers with a wide range of different experiences and from different backgrounds, in order to support and benefit the needs of our young people.

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