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A success - but we'll still need your help

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Wednesday 12 February 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

Yesterday, Assembly Members had the opportunity we've been waiting for. They voted on whether young people in Wales should be able stay with their foster carers until they are 21 - and they decided they should.

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You made Assembly Members say this

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Thursday 06 February 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care, Participation

This Tuesday, Assembly Members finally had the opportunity to give fostered young people in Wales a chance to stay. It was the first debate on what the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill should say and supporters like you got a mention.

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Extending foster care: why does it matter?

Posted by Emma Scowcroft /

Wednesday 05 February 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

We have long believed that the age of leaving care should be raised to 21 for ALL young people whether they’re in foster

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What happens to children caught by the benefit cap?

Posted by Abigail Gill /

Monday 03 February 2014 / Cost of living

For months we have been worried about the potential impact of the benefit cap on vulnerable children. Our research, based on freedom of information requests, bears out our concerns.

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A Letter to Gwenda

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Thursday 30 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

I want to share this letter with you. It's from a fostered young person to Gwenda Thomas AM, Deputy Minister for Social Services in Wales.

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