You made Assembly Members say this

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Thursday 06 February 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care, Participation

This Tuesday, Assembly Members finally had the opportunity to give fostered young people in Wales a chance to stay. It was the first debate on what the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill should say and supporters like you got a mention.

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Extending foster care: why does it matter?

Posted by Emma Scowcroft /

Wednesday 05 February 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

We have long believed that the age of leaving care should be raised to 21 for ALL young people whether they’re in foster

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What happens to children caught by the benefit cap?

Posted by Abigail Gill /

Monday 03 February 2014 / Cost of living

For months we have been worried about the potential impact of the benefit cap on vulnerable children. Our research, based on freedom of information requests, bears out our concerns.

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A Letter to Gwenda

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Thursday 30 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

I want to share this letter with you. It's from a fostered young person to Gwenda Thomas AM, Deputy Minister for Social Services in Wales.

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Urgent action: call your Assembly Member to give fostered young people a chance to stay

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Friday 24 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

Assembly Members in Wales will vote on whether young people in foster care should have the right to stay until 21. We need your help to make sure every Assembly Members knows why giving young people a chance to stay is so important. Can you call your Assembly Members to tell them?

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Campaign training - always better with cake

Posted by Rhea Stevens /

Monday 20 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Participation, Children in care

This Saturday young people who are members of our Chance to Stay – Cyfle i Aros campaign came together in Swansea for a day of campaign planning and training. There was cake, campaigning and even a Commissioner.

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Where is emotional child abuse illegal?

Wednesday 15 January 2014 / Children's rights, Emotional neglect, Child neglect, Law

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international human rights treaty giving all children and young people a set of rights. Today is the 22nd anniversary of the treaty coming into force so we're looking at the law on child neglect around the world.

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Paul Goggins MP – a politician from a different mould

Posted by AfC Policy and campaigns /

Wednesday 08 January 2014 / Children in care

Paul Goggins MP passed away today. Matt Downie reflects on his life as a campaigner for vulnerable children.

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Lobbying: “It’s just like two people chatting”

Posted by Guest blogger /

Wednesday 08 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

Guest blogger, Kim Warren, is a young person from Wales who's campaigning to give young people a Chance to Stay in foster care until they’re 21. Here’s what happened when she went to talk to her Assembly Member for Wales to try and get him on-board.

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Scotland have raised the stakes on care leaving

Posted by Kay Steven /

Tuesday 07 January 2014 / Chance to stay, Children in care

Yesterday’s announcement by the Scottish Government was a ground breaking one. They announced that from April 2015, young people in care will have a right to stay until the age of 21. Scotland have trumped England, and the rest of the UK, by extending support for young people in all forms of care – not just foster care – which is why it’s ground breaking.

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