We give children and young people safe and nurturing homes in England, Scotland and Wales

Today, our goal is to support young people in small, family style homes. This is because we know this setting best meets the needs of each child.

Our approach

Looked-after children have had lots of different experiences. Many have been rejected or experienced something traumatic. Others have moved homes many times. 

Our homes offer stability and security. Staff give children a structure, set routines and establish boundaries. We provide a warm, nurturing environment where they can build resilience and form lasting relationships.

We give our young people a safe base that they can call home.

Brenda, a children's home manager

Children's wellbeing

We’re committed to giving children control and helping them develop their independence. In all our homes, we make sure children’s educational, emotional and practical needs are met.

Our therapeutic approach means we support young people through their traumatic experiences. This happens with a mix of assessment, intervention and building strong relationships.

Our staff

Our highly skilled staff get the best possible training and supervision. They offer practical and emotional support so that children have the opportunities they need to thrive.

All our staff are appointed in line with Safer Recruitment guidelines and go through a comprehensive recruitment process, including reference checks and an enhanced DBS check - or PVG check in Scotland.

Our homes in the UK

Our two homes in North Wales – Tan y Bryn and Tan y Dre – are recognised for their innovative and positive impact. They welcome children and young people aged nine to 18 years who have experienced trauma, or have trouble coping.

Our homes offer a nurturing and safe environment, and fun activities like gardening. Young people get tailored support from our therapists. And every month, a clinical psychologist visits each project. They support our staff to give the best possible care.

We also run Headlands, an independent and residential special school in South Wales. We support children and young people aged seven to 19 years, many of whom have experienced trauma or have autism.

Our homes in Scotland offer specialist care to children and young people aged 11 to 20 years. We also support children with additional needs, in homes and on short breaks.

Our homes in North England offer a safe and caring environment to children and young people who have experienced trauma in early childhood.

Are you a commissioner?

We’d love to talk to you! We can discuss your needs and potential new developments for children in your care.