A New Year, a new Royal Patron

Posted by / Wednesday 21 December 2016 / Press release

This week Buckingham Palace announced that the Queen will be stepping down as a patron of 25 national organisations. Unfortunately, these include Action for Children alongside a number of other children's charities such as Barnado's, the NSPCC and Save the Children.  

Chief Executive Tony Hawkhead thanked her in a letter for her invaluable and generous support over the past fifty years, saying:

"The Queen has celebrated with us our greatest achievements including our Centenary in 1969 and the 150th birthday of our founder, Thomas Bowman Stephenson, in 1989."

Tony Hawkhead, CEO

As one of the largest children's charities in the UK we are very proud to have had Her Majesty as our Patron. More importantly, Her Majesty's tireless contribution to raising awareness of the work we do with disadvantaged children, young people and families has been priceless." 

However, we are delighted to confirm that the Duchess of Cambridge will be taking over from her, becoming our Royal Patron in the New Year. Having visited one of our children's centres in Sandwell in 2015, she is already familiar with the work we do and no doubt will continue the Queen's great patronage work. 

You can read more about the Queen's past involvement with Action for Children here.

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